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    Different Directions

    At CGSS, our educational approach encompasses the Montessori System for Playgroup to Prep, fostering self-directed learning; the Cambridge System, affiliated with CAIE, ensuring a globally recognized and rigorous curriculum; and the Matric System, affiliated with the FBISE, emphasizing core subjects and holistic development. Additionally, the Hifz Department is dedicated to the memorization of the Holy Quran, rooted in Islamic traditions, providing a profound spiritual journey guided by experienced teachers.

    Montessori System

    The Montessori system at CGSS, from Playgroup to Prep, raises a child-centric approach to learning, emphasizing self-directed exploration and hands-on activities. Through purposeful play and engaging materials, our Montessori system lays a strong foundation for intellectual and social growth in the early years of education.

    Cambridge System

    CGSS follows the esteemed Cambridge system, affiliated with CAIE, providing a globally recognized and rigorous curriculum. Aligned with international educational standards, our Cambridge program ensures a comprehensive and holistic learning experience and encourages critical thinking, academic excellence, and a broad understanding of diverse subjects.

    Matric System

    CGSS proudly follows the Matric system, affiliated with the Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (FBISE). With a curriculum designed by the FBISE, we ensure a high standard of education, emphasizing core subjects and holistic development.

    Hifz Department

    The Hifz Department at CGSS stands as a sacred space dedicated to the memorization and preservation of the Holy Quran. Rooted in the rich traditions of Islamic education, this department plays a vital role in spiritual growth and a deep connection to the divine. Students in the Hifz Department embark on a profound journey of memorizing the Quran, guided by experienced and dedicated teachers who impart not only the verses but also the profound meanings and wisdom summarized in each word.

    Related Information

    • Child-centric approach, Playgroup to Prep.
    • Emphasis on self-directed learning and hands-on activities.
    • FBISE-affiliated, high standard of education.
    • Globally recognized, rigorous curriculum affiliated with CAIE.
    • Sacred space for memorization and preservation of the Holy Quran.
    • Rooted in Islamic traditions, vital for spiritual growth.