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  • Our Labs

    At CGSS our physics, chemistry, biology and computer labs serve as dynamic hubs of scientific exploration and discovery, igniting students’ curiosity and passion for the sciences. Equipped with modern instruments, tools, and safety measures, these labs provide immersive hands-on experiences that complement classroom learning.

    These laboratories serve as fertile ground for inquiry-based learning, fostering critical thinking, problem-solving, and scientific inquiry skills. Under the guidance of experienced educators, students develop the confidence to ask questions, formulate hypotheses, and analyze data, preparing them for future academic and professional pursuits in the sciences.

    Chemistry Lab: Exploring Matter's Mysteries

    The Chemistry lab is a vibrant space where students engage in chemical reactions, analyze compounds, and explore the intricacies of matter. From titrations to spectroscopy, students actively participate in experiments that deepen their understanding of atomic structure, bonding, and chemical processes.

    Exploring Motion and Energy: Inside the Physics Lab

    In the Physics lab, students delve into the fascinating realm of motion, forces, and energy. Through experiments and demonstrations, they investigate concepts such as Newton’s laws, projectile motion, and electricity, gaining insights into the fundamental principles governing the physical world.

    Exploring Life's Complexity: Biology Lab Adventures

    In the Biology lab, students embark on a journey of discovery through the study of living organisms and ecosystems. From dissecting specimens to conducting genetic experiments, students explore the complexities of life and biodiversity, gaining valuable insights into genetics, ecology, and evolution.

    CGSS Computer Lab: Cutting-Edge Technology for Seamless Learning

    CGSS Computer Lab is equipped with computer systems with the latest development and software. All the computers are connected to the internet to keep the learners connected with the world. The students manipulate these facilities to complete their academic projects without any hurdles.

    Current Computer Inventory and Future Expansion Plans:

    • 25 computers in the girls’ branch
    • 10 computers in the boys’ branch
    • Jr. Matric branch has 10 computers
    • Jauharabad branch has 10 computers
    • Jr. Cambridge branch has 25 computers
    • Second lab for Jr. Cambridge is under process, which will have 25 more computers installed
    • Aim is to have at least 200 computers for students