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  • Kangaroo Test

    Kangaroo contests are international competitions held in more than 100 countries under International Association Kangourou sans Frontiers and Innovative Learning.

    The main purpose of these contests is to promote a clear and critical thinking with good communication skills. The contests are based on multiple choice questions. The contests have 10 to 12 levels of participation which ranges from grade 1 to 12.

    Connoisseur Grammar School System is participating in Kangaroo contests since 2010 and every year the students are getting distinctions. The students usually appear in the following Kangaroo contests every year.

    • International Kangaroo Linguistics Contest (IKLC)
    • International Kangaroo Science Contest (IKSC)
    • International Kangaroo Math Contest (IKMC)

    IKLC Medal Winners

    IKSC Medal Winners

    IKMC Medal Winners