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  • Head office, Sr. Boys campus: 29 B, Ghulshan Avenue P.A.F Link Road Sargodha.
  • CGSS Free Educational Program

    CGSS initiated the “Free Educational Program” in April 2009 to empower students who can’t afford traditional fees. Our comprehensive program includes basic subjects, moral values, and extracurricular activities. We provide a well-equipped facility, free stationery, and uniforms. CGSS believes in the transformative power of education and is committed to making a positive impact on students and the community at large.

    Discover At a Glance

    1. CGSS started the “Free Educational Program” in April 2009.
    2. CGSS is the only institution in Sargodha with this initiative.
    3. Students learn basic subjects (English, Urdu, Mathematics) and The Holy Quran (Nazra).
    4. Trained pedagogues supervise education with a focus on moral and spiritual values.
    5. A “Golden period” is arranged for students every 15 days for spiritual and moral development.
    6. CGSS provides access to extracurricular activities, enrichment programs, modern facilities, and a library.
    7. Students also learn the skill of stitching.
    8. CGSS believes education is a powerful tool for social change.
    9. The free educational program reflects CGSS’s commitment to a positive impact on students and the community.
    10. CGSS boasts a beautiful building, best furniture, and equipped facilities. Free stationery and uniforms are provided to students.