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  • Head Office Branch

    boys branch

    The Boys Branch at CGSS Head Office is for students in grades 6 to 10, teaching both Matric and Cambridge systems. The Administration Office handles important academic stuff like admissions and exams (both SSC and CAIE). The Admission Office helps students join smoothly, and the Examination Cell organizes exams carefully. The Account Office manages the money side, making sure everything runs well financially.

    Boys Branch

    The Boys Branch covers grades 6 to 10 in both Matric and Cambridge systems, focusing on well-rounded development. The curriculum aligns with Matric and Cambridge standards, ensuring a comprehensive education. Alongside academics, the Boys Branch is a center for extracurricular activities, fostering interests in sports, arts, and clubs for a diverse learning experience.


    The Administration Office at our school serves as the central hub for crucial academic processes, playing a pivotal role in the seamless functioning of various departments. With a primary focus on admissions, and examinations, and overseeing both SSC and CAIE exams, this office is the nerve center of organizational efficiency.

    Admission office

    In the realm of admissions, the office meticulously handles inquiries, applications, and enrolment procedures, ensuring a smooth and transparent process for prospective students and their families. The dedicated staff members provide assistance and guidance, ensuring that every student’s journey into our academic community begins with a positive and welcoming experience.

    Examination cell

    When it comes to examinations, the Administration Office takes charge of arranging the entire process. From scheduling and logistics to the distribution of exam materials and the implementation of strict protocols, the office ensures the integrity and fairness of each examination. This careful attention to detail contributes to the credibility of academic assessments within our institution.

    SSC & CAIE Exams

    For both SSC (Secondary School Certificate) and CAIE (Cambridge Assessment International Education) exams, the office coordinates with precision, ensuring that students are well-prepared and that exams are conducted per the highest standards. This commitment to excellence reflects our dedication to providing a comprehensive and internationally recognized education.

    Account Office

    The Account Office of our school stands as the financial backbone, thoroughly managing the financial aspects that enable the smooth functioning of our institution. the Account Office plays a crucial role in maintaining transparency, accuracy, and fiscal responsibility.