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  • Head office, Sr. Boys campus: 29 B, Ghulshan Avenue P.A.F Link Road Sargodha.
  • Main Branch

    main campus

    Welcome to CGSS School’s Main Branch, a hub for holistic education. Our Research & Development Cell drives innovation. From the Preschool Branch to Jr. Cambridge (levels 1-5 O’ Level) and Girls Branch (levels 6-10 Matric and Cambridge), we offer comprehensive education. The Hifz Department focuses on Quran memorization. Together, these form a vibrant educational ecosystem at the heart of CGSS School.

    Hifz Department for Girls

    In our Hifz Department, we focus on memorizing and preserving the Holy Quran, following Islamic traditions. Teachers help students memorize verses and understand their meanings. The department teaches values like respect and devotion, aiming to produce individuals who are good academically and carry the teachings of the Quran in their hearts, spreading knowledge and kindness.

    Research & Development Cell (R&D)

    Our school’s Research and Development department plays a pivotal role in fostering innovation and academic excellence. Comprising dedicated professionals, it actively engages in cutting-edge projects, enhancing the learning experience for students. Through continuous exploration, the department contributes significantly to the school’s progressive educational environment.

    Girls Branch

    The Girls Branch, for levels 6 to 10 in both Matric and Cambridge, is a crucial part of our students’ learning journey. Our teachers guide them in subjects like language, math, and science, fostering curiosity and critical thinking. It’s not just education; it’s a journey where girls learn important skills, embrace diversity, and prepare for the challenges ahead.

    Preschool Branch

    Our Preschool Branch, from playgroup to prep (O’ Level), is where learning starts with joy. It’s not just about knowledge; it’s a place for making friends, growing confidence, and loving to learn. We’re proud to shape young minds and hearts in this foundational stage of education.

    Jr. Cambridge Branch

    The Jr. Cambridge Branch is vital for levels 1 to 5 of O’ Level. We focus on making learning fun, nurturing students’ interest and creativity. Starting from level 1, exploring colors and shapes, they progress to English, math, and science basics. Our dedicated teachers use innovative methods for enjoyable learning. We prioritize character development, instilling values. It’s not just education; it’s a lively community where young minds flourish, friendships grow, and the joy of discovery sparks a lifelong love for learning.